About The Gathering

A Place to Celebrate Who You Are…

This website is dedicated to the memory of Genevieve Critel, 1981 – 2012, the woman who designed and built it.

The Gathering is a diverse collection of people interested in spirituality, social justice and serving others.

We are blessed with a rich diversity in our membership. You’ll find people of all ages, social, economic and racial backgrounds, as well as all sexual orientations.

Finally, there is a broad range of thought and belief, where we claim our differences and celebrate, without trying to change, each other.

We call ourselves Progressive Christians which means we value the teachings of Jesus as we look to the Bible for enlightenment, without taking it literally.  Texts and figures from other faiths are also used as we explore ALL forms of spirituality and other religious traditions in our continuing search for truth.

We are committed to putting our beliefs into action – serving others through community organizations providing assistance to homeless children, young adults and families.

We are not perfect but we practice full democracy in all of our congregation decisions.   We seek to understand each other and our differences while practicing kindness and grace.  We have no committees but only working teams which collaborate in our mutual work.  And we are dedicated to social togetherness enjoying many community meals, movies, sporting events and “field trips”.

We claim as our purpose for “being”: to offer a progressive spiritual message, by word and by deed, that seeks to change lives for the better, within our congregation and in our world.

Please join us each Sunday from 10:30 to 11:30 am for worship. We are located at 1431 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH  45202.  Click here for a map. Coffee, refreshments and a warm gathering of friends immediately follows the service.

E-mail us at thegatheringcincinnati@gmail.com or by leaving a reply below.

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Check us out on facebook: www.facebook.com/thegatheringcincinnati

Thank you for visiting our website!  The principal outreach activity of The Gathering is the support of homeless youth in the area. If you would like to assist but are unable to attend our services, you can donate to: The Gathering, 1431 Main St, Cincinnati, OH  45202.

“Love your site. Thank you for doing such a good job. I will definitely come again to find out more and tell my acquaintances about your writing.”            Mikhel Dunovant

“Let’s Dance” – Prophets of many faiths together as one

6 Responses to About The Gathering

  1. Observed your site via google the other day and absolutely enjoy it. Keep up this fantastic work.

  2. lakota dean says:

    good to see u at interfaith

  3. Lucy Pena says:

    8-) Just to let you know that I got a bookmark to your weblog from Themelis Cuiper’s SocialGarden Business happenings > smm & brand – so you are doing a wonderful job as he provides a link to you.

  4. emo says:

    nice, I love your blog.

  5. Cheryl D Parks says:

    I have passed your place on Main Street many times and have said I would like to attend your services, I look forward to it. Please put me on your e-mail list if you have one. Hope to see you soon. Keep up the good work

  6. Glen says:

    Very interesting, just nosing around. You might check out my piece, “The Gathering God of the Galaxies”, ggoslawblogspot.com. Is there a scripture that you base your name upon? gg

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