Exciting News!! We’re a bigger and even better place.

We’ve Merged!!!!!  We’re now called:

‘The Gathering at Northern Hills, a Unitarian Universalist Community’

We are located at  460 Fleming Road, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45231.  We meet at 10:45 AM Sundays.

Our new website is: www.gnhuu.org

Phone: 513 931-6651

E-Mail: gnhuu460@gmail.com, revdoug@gnhuu.org

Minister: Doug Slagle



6 Responses to Exciting News!! We’re a bigger and even better place.

  1. Observed your site via google the other day and absolutely enjoy it. Keep up this fantastic work.

  2. lakota dean says:

    good to see u at interfaith

  3. Lucy Pena says:

    8-) Just to let you know that I got a bookmark to your weblog from Themelis Cuiper’s SocialGarden Business happenings > smm & brand – so you are doing a wonderful job as he provides a link to you.

  4. emo says:

    nice, I love your blog.

  5. Cheryl D Parks says:

    I have passed your place on Main Street many times and have said I would like to attend your services, I look forward to it. Please put me on your e-mail list if you have one. Hope to see you soon. Keep up the good work

  6. Roy King says:

    I don’t see any conflict at all, between technology and ethics. I was watching Cosmos the other night and it occurred to me that all existence is evolving progressively forward, always has been and always will be. There was no beginning, no big bang. If we kill ourselves with our technology, such as a nuclear disaster or global warming, for example, some new life form will work its way out of the primal soup (or sand after enough time has elapsed, maybe a few trillion years or so) and we will begin again. Meanwhile, I say, enjoy and put to good use whatever technology we have as we go.

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